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“Not only can I make new words – I can make them in so many languages! Putting the cathartic and more destructive process of Bill of Rights aside, this series helps me to take back my own voice. Though the same elements of text and random chance are still in play, now they are used in the service of a kind of quiet concrete poetry.
Some letters are stenciled; others are cast in wax; and all spill and cluster where they may and must. I arranged the resulting 20 paintings into a still larger cluster, finding emotional logic amidst dis-order.
Language and gravity collaborate."

  • Artwork Details

    Voices, 2019. Encaustic medium, pigment, graphite, Ed.1, 16 x 16 inches

  • Framing

    Artwork is unframed unless otherwise specified. Contact for assistance with framing options.

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