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Ron Shipmon LLC is an art advisory firm specializing in contemporary, emerging, and digital art markets.  To our private, corporate, and not-for-profit clients, we bring an art network that encompasses artists, auction houses, national and international dealers, and major galleries, as well as expertise deeply rooted in conducting discreet negotiations. While always striving to meet the aesthetic and financial parameters of our global clientele, we seek to simultaneously curate a bespoke art program tailored to each of our clients’ even most far-reaching needs.



We evaluate artwork based on various factors, including the artist’s reputation, the condition of the artwork, and its historical significance. We use our 30 years in the business to inform our careful analysis of each object.


Our appraisals consider factors such as the artist’s bona fides, the style and period of the artwork, recent gallery and auction records and dealer sales of comparable works. 


During the inspection process, we physically examine the artwork to assess its condition, authenticity, and provenance.


Upon completion of research and analysis, we assemble a detailed written appraisal report that outlines the artworks’ value and the factors that contributed to the appraisal outcome.




We provide expert guidance on the acquisition, valuation, building, management, and installation of art collections that align with our clients’ tastes, budgets, and investment goals. In navigating the complex art market, we assist clients in making informed decisions about buying, selling, and collecting art. Upon identifying artworks that fit our clients’ specific criteria, we analyze the artwork’s condition, value the piece(s), negotiate prices and terms, and oversee the entire purchase process.



For clients with existing art collections, we research, select, organize, present, and create a cohesive, engaging art program that tells a story. The result is a body of work that fits our client’s needs and resonates with the curatorial philosophy. Through our collections management we provide guidance on care and conservation and, we provide technical advice that ensures the longevity of artwork in each collection.

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  • How can Ron Shipmon LLC help me with my art collection?
    At Ron Shipmon LLC, we offer various services, including art advisory, appraisals, and curated art programs. Whether you're looking to build, manage, or enhance your art collection, our expertise and personalized approach ensure that we meet your needs and goals.
  • Can Ron Shipmon LLC help me with art acquisition and selling?
    Absolutely! We assist clients in making informed decisions about buying, selling, and collecting art. Our services include identifying artworks that fit your criteria, analyzing their value, negotiating prices and terms, and overseeing the entire purchase or selling process to ensure a seamless experience.
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  • What sets Ron Shipmon LLC apart from other art advisory firms?
    Our three decades of experience in the contemporary, emerging, and digital art markets sets us apart. We deeply understand the industry and a network that includes artists, galleries, and major institutions. Our dedication to promoting diversity in the arts also sets us apart, ensuring that every client receives unique and inclusive solutions.
  • How does the appraisal process work at Ron Shipmon LLC?
    Our appraisal process involves thorough research and analysis of factors such as the artist's reputation, artwork condition, historical significance, and market trends. We provide detailed written appraisal reports that outline the value of the artwork and the factors contributing to the appraisal outcome.
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