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Perspectives Exposed

Susan Marie: Photography 

October 18 - November 22, 2022

Breakers 1, 2016. Digital Print on aluminum, Ed.10, 18 x 24 inches​
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Susan Marie is an American artist who draws with light. Her medium? Photography.


Her imagery tells poignant stories of scapes and people in their everyday surroundings, elevating the quite-familiar moments commonly overlooked or taken for granted.


Her subjects? The sun receding into still waters of the horizon, children at play, a mother’s embrace, unspoken communication of couples, elderly wisdom, the accelerated pace of life, and the art of… architecture.


From a comfortable distance, Marie imbues her unknowing subjects with a benign grace, befriending them with her camera lens, recording what is rare or unique in all of us.


As her first solo exhibition, “Perspectives Exposed” serves as the combination of Marie’s decades as a photo storyteller. “My work is a glimpse into my “Perspective” of life around me, peeling back the layers that “Expose” my vision to the world,” says Marie.


Marie’s photographs have appeared in USA Today and Women’s Wear Daily, and have been exhibited at New York’s Soho Photo Gallery, Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, and the Salmagundi Club. Her work has also been compiled in a self-published book entitled “American Carnage.”

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