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Video Killed The Radio Star


April 18 - May 31, 2024

The lyrics of "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles reflect a transition in media and technology, symbolized by the rise of video and the decline of radio. Similarly, the comparison between art created by AI and art crafted through traditional methods illuminates a shifting landscape in the art world.

Art made by AI, like the "second symphony" mentioned in the song, can be seen as a product of new technology, rewritten by machines. It challenges the notion of authorship and the role of human creativity. Conversely, traditional art forms carry the weight of history and craftsmanship, akin to the nostalgia associated with radio.

The virtual exhibition "Video Killed the Radio Star" explores this dichotomy by reimagining recognized artworks through the lens of AI. 
By juxtaposing originals with AI-generated reinterpretations, the exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the evolving nature of creativity and technology in art. It examines how AI influences our perception of art and questions the boundaries between human and machine-generated creativity.

Through this exhibition, viewers are prompted to reconsider the significance of artistic tradition in an increasingly digital age, where the lines between the creator and the created are blurred. "Video Killed the Radio Star" challenges preconceived notions of artistry and invites exploration into the transformative power of technology on the artistic landscape.

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