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Gallery Dot    Mission

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Historically, women have played a critical role in the arts, creating works of beauty, significance, and meaning. Many have used their art as a form of activism and resistance, to promote issues such as gender and race equality and social justice.  

Their contribution has had a profound impact on society, shaping cultural norms, challenging the status quo, and transforming society through their creativity and passion. 

Gallery Dot was established to serve the powerful yet underserved community of emerging, mid-career, and established women artists from around the globe.  


Named after Dorothy (“Dot”) Bradley – our Founder’s mother, 20th-century innovator, artist, and social activist – this virtual art gallery seeks to pay tribute to and celebrate female ingenuity while empowering artists with a platform for greater exposure.  


Using technology innovation to feature artists in front of a global audience right from the outset, Gallery Dot marks the height of innovation in the global art exhibition space, providing artists a global voice at the most critical time in their career: their emergence. 

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