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Sheila Goloborotko, About Structures I
16 x 16 in (h x w), Relief Monotype

About Structures I

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“Before all systems collapse, I take time to consider new ways of relating and think about structures to connect. Made with spool steel wool, fragile and mundane, this new structure proofs its resilience—even under pressure, inked on paper through the printing press. There is no “end” to what Nature, in aggregate, can do. Nature, ever generous, likes to keep things open to us.” – Sheila Goloborotko


Monotypes are prints, but with one major difference from other printmaking processes: the artist creates exactly one print, instead of multiples (called editions).
The artist applies paint or ink directly onto the plate — which is metal, glass, plexiglas, or even gelatin. The plate is pressed against the paper to transfer the ink. The printing can be done with a printing press or often by hand.

  • Artwork Details

    About Structures I, 2011. Relief Monotype, Ed.1, 16 x 16 inches

  • Framing

    Artwork is unframed unless otherwise specified. Contact for assistance with framing options.

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