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After- Cindy Sherman: Untitled #188

After- Cindy Sherman: Untitled #188

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After- Cindy Sherman: Untitled #188 , 2024

45 x 67 in (h x w)

150 USD

GenAI Print on Museum Paper


In the futuristic AI reinterpretation of Cindy Sherman's Untitled #188, the artwork transcends its original form, embracing an augmented reality paradigm that envelops spectators in an immersive journey. Utilizing cutting-edge neural networks and deep learning algorithms, the AI meticulously reconstructs Sherman's iconic tableau with hyper-realistic precision, inviting users to traverse and scrutinize the landscape with a fresh protagonist at its core.

This visionary AI rendition of Untitled #188 not only defies the confines of conventional artistic mediums but also heralds a new era of fusion between technology and imagination. By seamlessly melding innovation with creative vision.

50 Editions

Printed as 43 x 43 in (h x w)

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