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After-Marlene Dumas: The visitor

After-Marlene Dumas: The visitor

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After-Marlene Dumas: The visitor , 2024

70.9 x 118.1 in (h x w)

350 USD

GenAI Print on Museum Paper


The coding of artificial intelligence emulates representation of cultures, with instruction to display without bounds. Featuring two African women against a backdrop of a forest green, garnet red, and black could evoke a sense of cultural richness and depth. The women are depicted with intricate patterns in their adornments, and their expressions could convey a mix of strength, pride, and perhaps a hint of mystery. The dark, earthy tones of the background could enhance the vibrancy of the women's features, creating a striking contrast and drawing the viewer's attention to their presence.

50 Editions

Printed as 40 x 60 in (h x w)

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