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Sheila Goloborotko, The Devil's Dictionary
20 x 15 in (h x w), Screenprint, Oxidized Iron, Pyrogravure

The Devil's Dictionary

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“This series began in 2018 when seeking to say something rational and meaningful about the state of the Union—I couldn’t. The political static and the noise of fake news was just too much. So, I turned to the Bill of Rights, drafted and proposed 1789 by James Madison, who was a member of the first United Sates Congress. In the art-making process that is part ritual healing, part deconstruction, burned its letters one by one with a pyrographer (a crafting solder) into 10 pieces of paper—the ten amendments. Identifying to protect individual liberties such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press, the rights to bear arms and the right to a fair and speedy trial.”

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  • Artwork Details

    The Devil's Dictionary , 2019. Screenprint, Oxidized Iron, Pyrogravure, Ed.1, 20 x 15 inches

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    Artwork is unframed unless otherwise specified. Contact for assistance with framing options.

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