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Sheila Goloborotko, |you| |me| (Duality)
7 x 5 in (h x w), Digital print on acetate and embossment on copper

|you| |me| (Duality)

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Where do |you| start and |me| end? Can |you| and |me| be so different, yet very much the same?
Our life experience is based in polarized dualities and our minds cannot understand anything unless the opposite is brought in-through comparison and contrast. Maybe there is a chance that our conflicts are inner, not outer, and this duality is a condition of our rational mind.
It is possible to learn to experience things as they are—without judgment—and accept the whole as it is. Perhaps, rather than living in chaos and contradiction, we can allow the perspective of complimentary, cooperation and harmony become more porous to our survival.
Our existence is defined by natural rhythms and cycles: we live and die; we love and hate. It is the basic principle of life. But in love, when opposites meet, they are complimentary forces, not conflicting.
|you| and |me| are a Necessary Part of a Whole. This is life, not logic.

  • Artwork Details

    |you| |me| (Duality), 2017. Digital print on acetate and embossment on copper, Ed.1, 7 x 5 inches

  • Framing

    Artwork is unframed unless otherwise specified. Contact for assistance with framing options.

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